1) Spent at least 3 months already working there

Before each job interview, remember that you must already want to work there so much that you probably already work there. Otherwise, how would you know how much you want to work there? This is a great way to find out about the company culture and their products, as well as whether or not you are suitable for the job in question.

Alan Oboe, CIO, Interactive Rabbit: “Already having a job there shows commitment and passion. I would certainly think twice at employing someone I didn’t already employ unless they sucked, maybe”

2) Do not climb out of the window during the interview if you don’t have a pass to get out

Companies frown on this; they have spent a lot of time and money providing doors for their employees and visitors to enter and exit the building at will. Climbing out of the window implies that not only do you not care about this but you are also a maverick risk taker, and most companies do not want this. Furthermore, sometimes the windows are not on the ground floor, making this technique physically dangerous.

Klondike Delphi, Procurement Advisor at Elvis Xbox; “I would certainly think twice about employing someone who climbed out of a window. However, if they climbed in through the window, that would show ingenuity; though maybe it depends on which window”

3) Prepare some stock answers

Remember; at the interview the potential employer wants to know the real you, so it is a good idea to prepare some stock answers to make it harder for them to find this out. For example, when they ask how you might have resolved a conflict, it is best to not mention the time you killed a man.

Chester Kohandis, chief recruiter at Barclay Barclay Abs Consulting says “the best candidates look like they can think on their feet by preparing a complex yet consistent web of lies to create the impression of a suitable human being.”

4) Wear shoes

Listen: you aren’t some kind of mad hippy! Wear some damn shoes! It’s well known that 47% of first impressions are down to feet. The only time it is acceptable to not wear shoes is if you have fantastic feet – and even then, it’s best to ask beforehand.

Dole Vandatch, CEO, Aspire Systematics: “We used to get a lot of candidates without shoes on until we started to put a layer of broken glass outside our interview room.”

5) Do not fart unless the interviewer farts first

That’s just politeness.

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