5 People You Won’t Believe Actually Don’t Exist??

1) The Queen

The Queen is an old woman who lives in big houses and all she does is wear a big hat. Think about it: the cat in the hat isn’t real, the Mad Hatter isn’t real, the rock band Queen aren’t real, the old woman who lives in a shoe isn’t real – so why is the Queen?? Think about it. Think.

2) Batman

Despite documentary evidence, including drawings dating back to the 1930s, Batman does not exist. He is actually the product of comics artist DC “Bruce” Wayne “Comics”, a popular shamen from Metropolis.

3) The Fresh Prince

The Fresh Prince is not real, he is a character in a TV show. However, the actor Will Smith is real, although nothing else is.

1) Me

This article was pre-written by a computer. Also, you imagined it.

2) You

You do not exist. I imagined you, after you imagined me. Perhaps. This explains the general half-arsedness of this article. If you were real you would have imagined something better.

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