Galactic Empire Elections: who should you vote for?

It’s time for the first election of the New Republic’s Supreme Chancellor. Each of the major parties will decide their candidates. Here they are

The Galactic Freedom Party

billy-dee-williams_sc_768x1024Lando Calrissian

A veteran of the Rebellion and pilot of the Millennium Falcon when it destroyed the second Death Star, Lando Calrissian once ran a promising mining factory on the planet Bespin. He is pro-business, pro-free trade and pro-small government, and promises to run the New Republic in a way which favours the small businessman.

PRO:  Shrewd businessman. Blew up Death Star.
CON: No political experience; Scoundrel.


Alan Binks

Son of former Naboo senator Jar Jar Binks, and former King of Naboo, Alan Binks has a proven track record in strong leadership and bringing about increased wealth and managing to prevent any trade disputes. Despite helping to foster equality between the humans and the Gunguns on the planet Naboo, Binks is stanchly anti-Ewok, blaming the increasing unemployment in his sector on their increased immigration.

PRO: Strong leadership
CON: Awful racist. Fascist.

Independent Freedom Party


Ponda Baba

Ponda Baba doesn’t like you. However, with his PHds in Galactic Politics & Economics, and history of avoiding the Galactic Empire, the former independant Aqualish businessman has a lot of experience to offer. Even though he has a chin that looks like a bum, Ponda is guaranteed to be straight-talking and stand up for minority rights.

Ponda wants a return to small government and promises to keep the number of Jedi to an absolute minimum.

While for a long time holding a personal animosity against Luke Skywalker for losing his arm, the two have since reconciled after bumping into eachother at an Arms fair. Despite this camaraderie, the two were fierce rivals politically until Skywalker’s mysterious disappearance.

PRO: Strong economic experience.
CON: Doesn’t like you. His friend doesn’t like you either. You should watch yourself.

image_da9047ccScott D. Crumb

The descendent of great Hutt-pet Salacious B Crumb, Scott D. Crumb promises to shrink the government in order to increase the power of the Huttese government. The Hutts, Crumb claims, have run the outer systems well, bring peace, prosperity and podracing to the formerly warring tribes in places such as Tatooine and the Dave System.

PRO: Strong, Pro-business stance
CON: Lifespan of only 6 years; may die suddenly of rabies.

The Liberal Democrats

Nick CleggNick Clegg

Nick Clegg grew up in Buckinghamshire with his two brothers and sister. His mother is Dutch and his father is half Russian, which influenced Nick’s internationalist outlook and linguistic ability – he speaks French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

Nick was elected leader of the Liberal Democrats in December 2007. Following the election in 2010, Nick took the party into government as part of the first Coalition in the UK since the Second World War, where he put Liberal Democrat policies into practice for the first time – the £800 income tax cut, the £2.5b pupil premium, legislating for gay marriage, introducing shared parental leave, the list goes on and on.

PRO: Political experience and accumen
CON: Liberal Democrat

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