World’s Craziest Buildings – Don’t stop until you’ve read at least 2!

 1. The President’s House, USA

To the casual observer The President’s House looks very much like the famous Mount Rushmore – but that’s because they are one and the same! When the President of the USA, or any other President, wishes to have some peace and quiet this is where they go and hang out.

Built in 1951 by a President, the President’s House contains 17 rooms and a pool table! Rumour has it that originally the face of each President would speak and sing songs of their time in office, but this was cancelled by Nixon as “annoying”, Whatever the truth of those tales, it certainly is a building shaped of faces.

2. The Moon, Space

moonSince time immemorial man has wanted to visit the moon, but it is too far away to visit and so it will probably never happen. But that’s how the owner of the moon, Dennis Moon, probably likes it! He build the moon in 1919 to avoid the invention of the trouser press which he irrationally feared would cause a shortage of silicon. This was a fairly common worry at the time.

Moon built the moon using 700,000 tonnes of space rock which he mined out of what is now the sea. He managed to get the moon in orbit by sheer force of will by forcing congress to extend the height of Alaska. Dennis died soon after from being in space but his dream – the moon – lives on.

3. This birdhouse, Canada


Whoa! Is that a tiny house on a pole with a bird going in?? Yes it is! Unbelievably this “bird house” was built by Canadian poker player Priven Mehetmahide in his back garden! Mehetmahide originally intended this house for his children, who were aged 19 and 32 at the time, but the pole proved too high and so he converted it into a little house for passing birds! Inside is a working toaster, bathtub and swingball set! This sure is a great home for little birds.

4. The Cow, Dubai

Cow_female_black_whiteDubai is no stranger to odd buildings – the oil-rich Emirate is home to the Sarlacc, the Battle Pole and the Spiderman 3 to name but a few – but none are so strange as The Cow.

Designed to look and smell very much like an actual cow, The Cow is actually an enormous shopping complex with as much floor space as 6 big Asdas. The grass all around was shipped in from Norway and must be watered with 700,000 gallons of mineral water each day.

It is unknown who built The Cow, but it is said that should it leave, or run out of milk, Dubai will return to the sands from whence it came.

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