WOW! Numbers

  • add more server space each day than it needed for their entire service in 2006. But did you know that the River Amazon users more water than the whole of’s accounting division used in a single hour in 2012
  • There is more memory in an eagle than went to the Moon
  • There was more time between now and the end of the Second World War than there was between the 1880s and later
  • The titular cast of Three Men and a Baby went on to have careers in acting as men and babies, but not the ones you’d think!
  • There are more ants in your little finger than there are shoes on the Moon
  • More photographs were taken in the past than in the whole of the future
  • The average person has 4 legs
  • Goats are considered a delicacy than the whole of the size of the Isle of Wight
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